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A federated social network to follow your friends and find new ones using an ad-free tool where you are in total control.

Engage in meaningful discussions

The default interface supports nested threaded conversations with the possibility to "fork" a discussion when the topic veers off from the original one. You can also choose which circles can see or reply to your post.

Inbox user interface

Create multiple user identities for different purposes

Are you somebody who wears many hats? For example you may want to keep your personal life and work identities seperate.

Customer profile user interface

Curate your followers in circles for granular privacy and relevancy

Maintain privacy and avoid information overload by sharing different content with each of your circles

Inbox user interface

It's all connected.

All the features and extensions are interconnected, so that social functionality like discussions, boosts, and likes are available not just for posts but any type of information provided by other extensions, such as tasks or events.

Set up an instance