In development
A preconfigured solution to empower human coordination and cooperation in small or large communities, movements and co-ops.

Coordinate activities and tasks

A kanban tool to coordinate, prioritise and assign tasks, check the progress of a project, spot any possible blockers and see the work done.
Boards can be created for users of the same instance as well as across different instances.

Inbox user interface

Organise events and build a shared calendar

Create and manage local or virtual events, and share invite links for people to RSVP. Users can browse events on a map or calendar, filtering them by tags, location, topic and more...

Customer profile user interface

Share needs and offers with your community

Shout out when you need something, or post information about available resources. Publish within a specific group or federate it using tags for greater visibility. People can have discussions around specific needs/offers, and a matching algorithm is there to help connect needs with existing offers and vice versa.

Inbox user interface

It's all connected.

All the features and extensions are interconnected, so that Bonfire Cooperation benefits from everything that's in the Bonfire Classic, such as: social feeds, discussions, boosting, liking, creating circles and setting boundaries.

Tasks, needs and offers all can appear on the calendar if they have dates attached, and on the map if they include a location.

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