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Tend to your digital life in community

Customise and host your own online space and control your experience at the most granular level.

Open Source

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What is Bonfire ?

A thoughtful social network

We endeavour to develop tools for conviviality. Tools that you have total control over, which are not developed for extracting value from their users in any way. Each Bonfire instance is shaped by its members to pursue their community goals, not those of some investment fund.

A flexible tool to fit your needs

Add or remove extensions based on the functionality you need, or go further and create a new extension. Pick or create a theme that reflects your community identity, edit and localise text to increase inclusivity, decide which kind of information and behaviours to include and fight the dopamine economy.

A space to connect with the rest of the world , on your own terms

Each Bonfire community has the power to federate with others communities but also with other fediverse platforms that support the ActivityPub protocol (like Mastodon, PeerTube, etc...) and interact with them, maintaining the autonomy to decide which information to share with others and which to keep on their instance.

A free tool developed to empower your community

Bonfire is libre and open source software. This means that you can use and modify Bonfire without asking permission from anyone. Plus, benefit from future developments by anyone using the codebase: improvements, upgrades, and additions to Bonfire apps and extensions will always be freely available to users.

Don't know where to start?

Community builders

From self-hosting a new instance, to customising every aspect of it, to creating new apps or extensions...

Tool builders

From setting up a development environment, to groking the architecture and codebase, to building new extensions...

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What you can expect from the Bonfire beta

In a few days' time we'd like to invite you to experiment with a 'playground' instance of Bonfire, the federated social networking toolkit for communities. Lots of what you'll see in the Bonfire beta will be recognisable from other social and/or federated apps. There is some functionality that may be a little different with Bonfire as well.

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Support the project

Bonfire is still in development. If you want to show us your support, we gladly accept donations and other contributions.

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