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Join a community of developers and users who are dedicated to creating a transparent, accessible and constantly improving social network.
Be a part of a decentralized network where you can connect with users on other instances, while keeping control of your own data.
Experience unparalleled customization with our modular architecture, allowing you to choose the features that matter most to you.
Don't find what you need? Ask the community to build specific features or do it by yourselves.
Explore what is possible
when you're not the product
Customise bonfire to meet your specific needs
Start with the core features of Bonfire, then add or remove extensions based on the functionality you need and configure everything to your preferences. With this flexibility, you can customize your experience to fit your exact values and needs, and easily adjust your setup at any time.
Define circles that mirror real life
Relationships cannot be confined to binary categories like “follower” or “friend”. Define as many personalized circles as makes sense for you.
circle screenshot
Set some healthy boundaries
Assign roles to circles and users to control if and how they can see and interact with you and your data.
circle screenshot
free to leave
You are free to leave
The platform or instance does not own your profile, posts, or network. These belong to you. On the fediverse, you are not restricted to a specific software or instance; you are free to leave, transfer all your data, and move to a different instance.
What our community is saying
  • Lynn Foster
    The most exciting thing about Bonfire to me is that they have set the stage to add all kinds of features integrated with the social networking core. Circles and groups to start, offers/wants... some day whole social/economic networks and ecosystems. Looking into the campfire, I can see a bright future for the fediverse.
  • Jorge Saturno
    Bonfire has the potential to bring federated social media to a new level. Its modular design will facilitate the creation of applications for all kind of purposes. We believe Bonfire will become the backbone of our future developments in the fields of open knowledge and science communication.
  • Bob Haugen
    While I like Bonfire already, and love their care at making everything work smoothly, I am most excited by their future plans. I am working on community economic systems where the future Bonfire could be the main coordination medium.
  • Angel
    The Weather Makers
    We are loving Bonfire. We are actively exploring it to move our tools into Bonfire. Getting access to the Fediverse and to all the blocks looks really promising, to quickly develop community driven processes.
Much more than a microblog
Choose from a growing list of Bonfire extensions to enhance your instance and uncover new possibilities.
Topics connect you with people who share your passion, to share ideas and have in-depth discussions on a specific theme. By following a topic (like "solarpunk" or "upcycling tips") you'll receive posts carefully curated by a team you trust.
topics preview
Create to-do lists and assign tasks to yourself or others across multiple instances. Coordinate work in teams, stay in the loop, make progress, and get it done.
Custom roles
Create and assign custom roles to grant different groups of permissions to users and circles. Roles affect what actions users can take and what information they can view, interact with, or even edit.
role preview
Shared user
Manage your group's online presence by sharing a single user profile with multiple people. Useful for organizations, teams, or families to manage their online presence collectively and communicate with others transparently.
Personalize the look & feel
Pick your preferred color scheme or define your own palette to give your instance a personal touch. Creating your own theme is simple and does not require writing code.
theme preview
Two-Factor Authentication
Increase the security of your account by enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
Multiple identities
Create multiple user profiles linked to the same account for an extra layer of privacy. This enables you to maintain a profile for each aspect of your online life, with different followers and privacy settings, without having to log in to separate accounts.
Inventory management
Track tools, goods, and other assets, and record when they are transferred, stored, consumed, recycled, etc. The inventory extension is powered by the ValueFlows vocabulary.
inventory preview
Build your own
You can develop your own extensions, and leverage on our set of utilities and core modules to plug it seamlessy with the rest of the core modules. Develop your own extensions using our set of utilities and core modules for seamless integration with core functionality such as circles/boundaries, federation, and activity feeds.
Designed to be forked
Bonfire is meant to be easily customised and extended by developers
modularity preview
Modular at its core
Bonfire is made of independent extensions and modules, glued together by a set of configuration files. Every line of Bonfire’s code is available to be used or forked, in a collection of repositories that can be assembled and re-assembled to create all kinds of full-featured apps.
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Open source
Bonfire is libre and open source software. This means that you can use and modify Bonfire without asking permission from anyone. Plus, you can benefit from future developments by anyone improving the codebase, due to the AGPL license.
Get the code
Community driven
Reach out for support while using and leveraging the project for your own needs.
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