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Your plug & play federated social network

Bonfire aims to expand your freedom as a user of social networks, puts your data in your own hands (literally) and connects you with the people and communities you care about.

Everyone should be able to truly shape their social network experience, from the ground up.

what is bonfire?

1. A plug-and-play device

Plug & play

Ready to use (really, plug in and play)

Online, offline or local network

Use the apps offline or within your local network (e.g. spin up a temporary autonomous network at a festival or protest)


Based on something like Raspberry Pi and runs free software

Friendly to intermediate tech users

Preconfigured and well documented so you can easily run any Bonfire apps and extensions

Springboard for DIY

Install additional apps on your device and take more control of your digital life

2. Federated apps

The Bonfire device runs Bonfire apps

The Bonfire ecosystem is made up of people and projects cooperating to build interoperable and extensible apps, that can easily plug and play with each other.

Diverse apps & extensions to choose from

Do you need a basic social app? A collaborative federated blog? A decentralised forum for group discussion? A space for sharing and curating links and files? An offers and needs map and bulletin board for mutual aid? The community is developing unique approaches for these and more.


Bonfire apps are made of building blocks you can use to create your own custom apps

Free / open source

Customise the design, the code, or any aspect of the apps, and contribute your improvements to the community.

3. A fediverse hosted service

Always online

Hosts your fediverse identity on your own domain name (or using

Complements your Bonfire device

Stores your incoming messages/updates when your device is offline, and syncs your apps with the fediverse.

Doesn't hog your data

Once your private data has synced to your device it is deleted from the server right away.

Respects your privacy

End-to-end encryption for private activities (when available) means your data is never seen by the server or anyone else.

Open source & decentralised

Possible to self-host, or use a compatible service.

Bonfire is an ecosystem aimed to empower individuals and communities to shape and control their tools and experience.