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Customisable, Decentralised, Self-governed.
Welcome to the digital space of the future.

Open Source
Join a community of users and developers who are dedicated to creating a transparent, accessible and constantly improving social network.
Be a part of a decentralized network where you can connect with users on other instances, while keeping control of your own data.
Experience unparalleled customization with our modular architecture, allowing you to choose the features that matter most to you.
Customisable, yet federated.
Have meaningful and safer interactions
Thanks to bonfire modularity, you can customize your experience to fit your exact values and needs, and easily adjust your setup at any time.
Create and manage groups
With groups users can create context-specific and cross-instances spaces, define their own rules and governance, to better organize their participation across the fediverse.
Build safer boundaries
Create custom circles of contacts and grant them specific permissions to interact with you and your content. They can help you take control of your online presence and ensure that your data is shared only with the people you want.
Connect with other communities
Engage with diverse communities across the fediverse at a pace that suits you. Bonfire ensures a personalized interaction experience, connecting you with like-minded networks while maintaining your comfort and control.
Create Circles
Circles are a tool that can be used to establish relationships. They are representations of multifaceted relationships that you have with people in your life.
Assign Roles
Create and assign custom roles to grant different permissions to users and circles. Roles affect what actions users can take and what information they can view, interact with, or even edit.
You are free to leave
Your profile, posts, or network belong to you. On the fediverse, you are not restricted to a specific software or instance; you are free to leave, transfer all your data, and move to a different instance.
Case Study
What communities plan to build with bonfire
Research Network

How Niboe plans to use bonfire to facilitate open peer reviews and boost scientific divulgation.

A massive adoption of federated protocols by academic institutions will help to boost open-science implementations and to include non-academic communities in the knowledge production process. We envision these implementations being crafted in the open, through a co-designing process that unites scientists, researchers, and activists...

Developers friendly
Powerful building blocks.
Leveraging Bonfire's modular architecture, developers can effortlessly build new extensions, making full use of a stable and documented set of building blocks.
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Account & Users
The library provides all the necessary tools for creating accounts, customizing user profiles, and safeguarding personal information
Boundaries & Circles
The library lets you easily create and manage circles, assign roles and define default and custom boundaries. Read more in our docs section
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Follow, read, reply, moderate. The social library includes all the crucial functions that fuel the core bonfire microblog.
This library lets you build features such as Kanban boards, inventories, offer/need bulletins, marketplaces, and much more.
Backend code
Create federated groups and topics, each with unique visibility settings and governance structures. Currently in alpha.
A Modular ActivityPub library in Elixir, generic enough to be used for federating any kind of activities.
Latest from the blog

We've spent the past two years building, iterating, experimenting, and refactoring the Bonfire codebase — to explore our assumptions, co-design with our community, and stretch the limits of social networking, all while having fun!

We're thrilled to announce the release of Bonfire version 0.9.6!

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What our community is saying
  • The most exciting thing about Bonfire to me is that they have set the stage to add all kinds of features integrated with the social networking core. Circles and groups to start, offers/wants... some day whole social/economic networks and ecosystems. Looking into the campfire, I can see a bright future for the fediverse.
    Lynn Foster
  • Bonfire has the potential to bring federated social media to a new level. Its modular design will facilitate the creation of applications for all kind of purposes. We believe Bonfire will become the backbone of our future developments in the fields of open knowledge and science communication.
    Jorge Saturno
  • While I like Bonfire already, and love their care at making everything work smoothly, I am most excited by their future plans. I am working on community economic systems where the future Bonfire could be the main coordination medium.
    Bob Haugen
  • We are loving Bonfire. We are actively exploring it to move our tools into Bonfire. Getting access to the Fediverse and to all the blocks looks really promising, to quickly develop community driven processes.
    The Weather Makers
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