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Meet Gaia

Federated envoys for the world beyond humanity


the new reality

A changing climate

Raging wildfires and unprecedented floods - are stark reminders that the Earth is not a silent observer.
It's an active agent.


A world where gaia speaks

...and we can listen.
Through Bonfire, we dream of a world where you can converse with our planet just like you chat with a friend.


by leveraging

The power of IoT and Data

We can help transforming and broadcasting the huge amount of raw data coming from Gaia into intuitive visuals and messages, making Earth's voice clearer and more actionable.


Your Earthly neighbors

Think beyond traditional wellbeing apps that only update you about your body. With Bonfire, immerse yourself in real-time notifications about the wellness of the world outside - the rivers, the mountains, the meadows, and more.

Connect with Gaia
Delve into a world where technology and nature converge. Experiment with speculative ways to engage with our environment, fostering a deeper connection and collective impact.
Real time Monitoring
Receive live updates on crucial environmental metrics through Gaia bots powered by networks of sensors and IoT devices.
Citizen Science
Engage in community-driven data collection, contribute to a growing pool of environmental data, and drive impactful local actions.
AI-Assisted Analysis
Uncover trends, anomalies, and predictive insights thanks to community experts and algorithms they contribute and control.
Open Data, Open Access
Join a decentralized network that promotes and contributes to open data, knowledge sharing, and collective innovation.
Receive insights right into your timeline
Whether it's updates on ecosystem health, wildlife encounters, or environmental stories, Gaia brings the more-than-human worlds to your digital doorstep. Stay informed, inspired, and engaged as you scroll through your timeline, making every moment a chance to connect with Earth's wonders.
Air Pollution
Local Weather
CO2 Tracking
Gaia Connect is a transformative project to bridge the gap between humanity and the natural world through the power of federated social networking and AI. It's a platform that connects users with real-time insights from critical zones, environmental data, and the voice of Earth itself.
Gaia Connect integrates with networks of connected sensors and data coming from various open data sources into a Bonfire instance. AI optionally processes this data and translates it into human-friendly insights. Users receive data and/or insights on their social media timelines, fostering a direct connection with the environments they decide to follow.
Gaia Connect offers insights on a range of topics, including air quality, weather updates, CO2 tracking, ecosystem health, and any other meaningful data that can be retrieved from connected sensors or public databases. These insights aim to inform, inspire, and foster a sense of responsibility towards the environment.
Each Gaia bot is different based on what topic it focuses on and what data it has collected, and they're assisted by AI designed for interactive conversations. Users can ask questions, seek guidance, share their thoughts, and engage in discussions with Gaia, making the experience more engaging and informative.
Integrating GAIA into your project should be straightforward. You instruct your environmental sensors or data sources to send data to your Bonfire instance through a Gaia SDK or API, allowing it to process and share insights.
Yes, GAIA Connect is flexible and customizable. Depending on different case studies we can extend or train GAIA Connect to interact with specific data sources. Do you have a cool use case in mind? Don't hesitate to contact us at
Yes, we welcome contributions from developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts. Join our open-source community to collaborate on GAIA's development, AI training, and data analysis efforts.
Gaia Connect is a speculative research and a child's dream. Can we listen to mountains? Can we know how my favourite lake feels today? Can we use social networks to communicate with the more-than-human worlds rather than just to read my uncle's latest rant? Which role AI can play in this? We don't know, but we are excited to find out.
While we may experiment with various models in the early stages, we are committed to using and creating open and ethical AI, meaning:
  • training data available for review (whenever permitted by user privacy)
  • training data free to re-use (whenever permitted by licensing)
  • trained models freely available for self-hosting
  • powered by open source software (both for training and inferencing)
We also support data sharing and collaboration with the scientific community: researchers interested in GAIA are encouraged to reach out to
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