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Published 14 Sep 2023 in development

The Road to Bonfire 1.0

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We've spent the past two years building, iterating, experimenting, and refactoring the Bonfire codebase — to explore our assumptions, co-design with our community, and stretch the limits of social networking, all while having fun!

We are now excited to announce that we're shifting toward a new phase. Over the next three months, our primary goal will be to make Bonfire as reliable and interoperable as possible, until we are able to release Bonfire 1.0 - a version we'll be confident in recommending for setting up instances that federate with the broader fediverse.

Feature freeze #

To focus our efforts on releasing Bonfire 1.0, we're temporarily pausing the development of new features. This strategic decision allows us to concentrate fully on the essential aspects that need attention.

To-do list #

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Consolidating Federation: We're committed to fine-tuning and optimizing our federated features while rigorously testing interoperability with as many fediverse platforms as possible.

  • Automated Testing: We'll continue adding automated tests (which automatically check that each feature of the code or user interface works as expected) and fixing existing ones.

  • Bug Fixes: Identifying and resolving any bugs is of course a top priority to deliver a seamless and fast user experience.

We'll also keep going with ongoing efforts as time permits, such as:

  • Enhancing User Experiences and Design Patterns: Streamlining the user interface and design elements to make for a more intuitive Bonfire experience.

  • Documentation: We're committed to providing comprehensive documentation to guide both users and developers through Bonfire's features.

How you can help #

We extend an open invitation to all users and developers to join us during this pivotal phase. Your feedback, which has been invaluable thus far, remains crucial for the continued improvement of Bonfire. Whether it's reporting bugs, helping with documentation or interoperability testing, or even contributing code, every effort matters.

Together, let's make Bonfire 1.0 a milestone release that raises the bar for decentralised and customisable social networking. It's only working together that we can empower communities and build a platform that truly serves our diverse needs.

Thank you all, for your ongoing support and enthusiasm!

We'd also like to extend a shoutout to the NLnet Foundation for their continued backing during this critical phase.

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