Building open digital spaces
for the commons.

We envision a world where all living beings thrive and communities flourish, free from private interests and capitalistic control.

Started in 2020, Bonfire is a mission-driven project creating sustainable open-source tools and building blocks for communities to engage meaningfully, coordinate as peers, make collective decisions, and cooperate effectively – all interconnected with countless federated apps across the web. We're dedicated to nurturing digital spaces that encourage vibrant community participation and impactful collaboration.

We endeavour to foster a transparent, inclusive, and empowering environment. This ethos drives us to build connected, democratic, and vibrant digital spaces, supporting communities around the world to connect, grow, and flourish.

For the communities, by the community.

Bonfire Networks is an online collective. Our finances are transparently managed through our Open Collective account. Bonfire is a not-for-profit project funded by donations and grants, and not by private investors or venture capital. We strive to work as closely as possible with communities, to build tools together that reflect their real needs.

We welcome feedback and collaboration with communities, researchers, and activists to tailor solutions or create new features that enhance the development of better digital public spaces. All Bonfire code is open source, licensed under AGPL3, which means all features or improvements made by anyone can benefit the whole ecosystem.

Meet the builders of Bonfire

We adopt a consent-based sociocratic model to coordinate tasks and make decisions among us. If you are interested in actively participating in our collective and pushing Bonfire forward we invite you to abide by our code of conduct and get involved!

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