A federated social network for individuals and communities to design, operate and control their own digital lives.

Free/libre software

Bonfire builds upon ActivityPub - a W3C standard protocol – so it can be assembled and configured bottom-up. In this way, each Bonfire instance can reflect each community’s needs and vision whilst still being able to communicate with the rest of the 'fediverse', a virtual decentralised social space.

The beauty of the fediverse - besides allowing users from many different open source platforms to interconnect - is its diversity of communities and media. However, this diversity has tended to force users to adopt multiple accounts in order to participate in a federated environment, as well as having to spend more time going back and forth between multiple apps. So an aim of Bonfire is to ensure that with one login a user can receive updates from all the people and topics they follow, independent of the platform they were originally created and posted on.

The team at Bonfire are also currently developing a whole range of extensions to expand the possibilities of the fediverse, including circular economies (using ValueFlows) and community coordination. This means experimenting with mixing social and economic activities together in a federated social network to unlock a whole new range of unexplored possibilities: offers and needs listings with geolocation; creating, discussing and voting on proposals; coordinating labour and distributing outcomes among participants; timebanking or mutual credit communities; collaborative budgets; as well as crowdfunding campaigns.

We want to partner with communities, progressive municipalities, cooperatives and grassroots movements. Please get in touch!

Drop us a line at team [at] bonfire.cafe