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Bonfire is a social networking toolkit for crafting digital spaces that empower communities. Designed for autonomy, safety, and meaningful interactions, Bonfire enables communities to take control over their features, data, and digital environment – free from algorithmic bias and profit-driven influences.
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Digital spaces where you can
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Effortlessly configure your favourite features, settings, and theme.
Setting up your digital space should be seamless and enjoyable. Whether it's fine-tuning the interactions, adding new features, adjusting the privacy settings, or choosing a custom theme, every aspect is under your control. With Bonfire, you can shape a space that truly reflects your community's spirit and aesthetic.
Connect, share, and engage with purpose.
Follow users and organise your network with circles. Determine who sees your publications and activities and how your audience can interact with you for relevant and meaningful interactions. This approach deepens conversations and makes interactions more relevant and impactful.
Moderate your network: safe, empowered, and inclusive
Foster a safe community environment with tools for users and moderators to flag or remove problematic content, and to silence, ghost, or block users or instances, fostering a harmonious community. Utilise custom roles to decentralize power, moving away from traditional admin-centered models.
Global reach: connect with communities far and wide
Embrace federation to interconnect with users on the wider fediverse, broadening your network and breaking down barriers. With Bonfire, seamlessly join a diverse tapestry of communities, expanding your community's reach and participating in a connected global ecosystem.
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The Bonfire toolkit provides essential modules for crafting complex social networking apps, tailored to communities' needs – all with significantly less time and resources.
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Lynn Foster

The most exciting thing about Bonfire to me is that they have set the stage to add all kinds of features integrated with the social networking core. Circles and groups to start, offers/wants... some day whole social/economic networks and ecosystems. Looking into the campfire, I can see a bright future for the fediverse.

Jorge Saturno

Bonfire has the potential to bring federated social media to a new level. Its modular design will facilitate the creation of applications for all kind of purposes. We believe Bonfire will become the backbone of our future developments in the fields of open knowledge and science communication.

Bob Haugen

While I like Bonfire already, and love their care at making everything work smoothly, I am most excited by their future plans. I am working on community economic systems where the future Bonfire could be the main coordination medium.

Sam Liebeskind

Really excited about the approach the @bonfire team is taking - building a modular toolkit that'll make it easier for community leaders to create their own federated social networks. It's sort of like "wordpress for the fediverse". Still early days, but definitely onto something 👀

The Weather Makers

We are loving Bonfire. We are actively exploring it to move our tools into Bonfire. Getting access to the Fediverse and to all the blocks looks really promising, to quickly develop community driven processes.

lebout2canap ⏚

Le projet @bonfire a mis à jour la page d'accueil de son site web. L'occasion de découvrir ou redécouvrir ce à quoi on doit s'attendre pour la future version 1. Je suis convaincu que #Bonfire aura un important rôle à jouer dans l'avenir du #Fediverse.

Mecha Code

Why see some #bluesky when you could all gather around the @bonfire

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