Bonfire Community

Bonfire Community app is crafted for groups seeking expanded online interaction. It facilitates coordinated activities, topical discussions, and more nuanced governance structures. Key features include 'Groups' for flexible discussions and 'Topics' for organized conversation, promoting clarity and focus in community, along with the flexibility to set specific visibility and permission levels.
Federated digital spaces tailored for communities, enabling organizing around open and private groups, and topic-focused discussions
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License AGPL
Extensions included

Create public and private groups

This feature allows users to form open groups for wide-reaching discussions or private groups for confidential, selective conversations. This flexibility supports both inclusive community engagement and controlled, private interactions.

Organize your discussions in topics

Users can streamline their conversations by creating topics. This functionality allows for the categorization of discussions into distinct topics, fostering focused dialogue and easier navigation through group interactions.

Create and assign custom roles

Users can create and assign multiple roles in groups. This feature allows for personalized management of group dynamics and responsibilities. This flexibility in role assignment enables tailored governance structures within communities, enhancing both organization and user engagement.

Bonfire Community

This app is a flavour of Bonfire and bundles the following extensions:

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