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Bonfire is an open source software built by a small team. Any contribution is valuable to push the development further. If you don't see how you can help or have something else in mind, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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  • Play
    Create a account on our test instance and report any feedback and bugs you encounter. We may reset the data from time to time, so do not rely on it for main account.
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  • Code
    There are different ways to start contributing to the codebase; Check out the docs to setup a local environment, or look at a good first issue.
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  • Discuss
    Have an idea about a new feature or a better user experience for an existing one? We're all ears, we're currently using GitHub to collect all the suggestions
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  • Translate
    We are looking for people to help translate the project into different languages on Transifex.
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  • Share
    Promote the project on social media, mention or link to the website - trusted word of mouths is invaluable.
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  • Organize
    We're always happy to engage with communities, coops, collectives and groups to discuss how bonfire can fit as their digital space.
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Stay up to date
  • Follow
    Follow us on the fediverse, where we try to communicate any news and updates and engage in discussions (when we can)
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  • Read
    From time to time, we publish blogposts that span from development updates to events participation.
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    Every 2 week (maximum) we try to send a short newsletter that summarizes the latest Bonfire news.
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  • Talk
    Want to engage more directly with the team and the community? Join our chat for more day to day discussions and updates.
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  • Donate
    Bonfire is supported by folks like you who want to invest in safe, reusable and long lasting federated tools to rely on.
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