UI components for Bonfire:Me and Bonfire:Social extensions


Bonfire.UI.Social #

Bonfire.UI.Social is an extension that includes the main User Interfaces (routes, pages and components) required to have a fully working federated social network app.

This extension is meant to be used by other extensions like Bonfire.Social, which provides logic for the UI to work with/

You can customise it by forking, but we recommend creating an extension which uses this one as a dependency, and defines your custom components, views, and/or routes (you can then comment Bonfire.UI.Social.Routes from your top-level Router to use your custom routes and views instead).

Stack #

So far, Bonfire UI extensions are built with the PETALS stack (note that is not a requirement), which means:

Surface is a server-side rendering component library (built on top of Phoenix and LiveView) that inherits a lot of design patterns from popular JS framework like Vue.js and React, while being almost JavaScript-free compared to common SPAs.

Scaffolding #

The relevant folders are:

  • Components: Surface stateless and stateful components.
  • Views: The main pages that are rendered when navigating to a specific route
  • Test: All the unit tests for the specific module.

Other resources #

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