At Bonfire, we believe in empowering communities through close collaboration and co-designing tools together.

Join us in creating a cooperative ecosystem where every voice matters. We foster co-design and collaboration to empower communities. If your current tools fall short of meeting your specific needs, we're here to listen and partner with you. Together we can craft tailored solutions, whether it's a Bonfire extension to address your requirements or a fully customized digital space. Explore our ongoing collaborations with diverse communities below.

Current pilots

Open Science

In this era of misinformation, establishing platforms for scientists, researchers and activists to share evidence-based information is essential for fostering informed public discourse. We're actively collaborating with great communities and activists to craft tools that facilitate the dissemination of research. Together we aim to contribute to an environment where reliable scientific knowledge can flourish, empowering individuals to engage in more informed and constructive dialogue and collaboration.

Community Coordination

How can a fast-growing community of artists and musicians, committed to sharing their work and organizing events in a consent-based space, coordinate their daily activities and create a space for collaboration and participation, as well as broader communication with the audience? We are collaborating with Radio Free Fedi to design better tools and user experiences for this crucial use case.

Communities involved


Niboe is a scientific community of researchers and activists who use their social presence to share news, counteract disinformation and promote scientific debates to the wider public. We are working with them to develop the Open Science digital space.

Radio Free Fedi

RadioFreeFedi is consent driven, non-commercial, attribution promoting, 24/7 community supported radio, with more than 400 active contributors. We are working together to design better tools and user experiences for improving p2p coordination in online communities.

Reclaim The Tech

Reclaim The Tech is a community and festival focused on discrimination by AI/algorithms, gender violence, and digital self-defence. Together we are planning workshops to imagine how transfeminist theories and practices can shape federated social networks tools and experiences.

Formacion UXDI

Formacion UXDI is an educational community focused on User Experience and Inclusive Design. UXDI is an independent collective of UX professionals and organisations. Together we are researching how novel user experiences and inclusive design can create better digital spaces.

Learn Deep

Learn Deep is a community based in Milwaukee, focused on bringing educators and partners together to develop, pilot and scale collaborative, real-world learning experiences. We worked together to explore use-cases for a network of fab labs, using the ValueFlows vocabulary.

Are you interested?

Are you part of a community needing new features for your digital spaces to enhance how you connect, coordinate, moderate or share content online? We're excited to hear from you and explore how we can collaboratively build the next generation of open digital spaces together. Let's start a conversation!

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