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What you can expect from the Bonfire beta

post image Published on 21 Jun 2022 by Bonfire Builders beta social

In a few days' time we'd like to invite you to experiment with a 'playground' instance of Bonfire, the federated social networking toolkit for communities. As we explained in the previous post, we're focusing on getting the core social functionality of Bonfire ready, and we need your help!

We're looking for people who want to play around with Bonfire and who can help spot bugs and possible improvements around the user experience. We're also looking for those who might want to set up their own Bonfire instance to help test federation.

Features and functionality #

Lots of what you'll see in the Bonfire beta will be recognisable from other social and/or federated apps: for example, navigating timelines and profiles, following users and boosting or favouriting activities. You'll be able to create posts, engage in discussions, flag or block problematic content, and pick your preferred language (with three languages available to start, we need help with translations in more languages if you can!).

There is some functionality that may be a little different with Bonfire as well. Choosing what you see in your home feed, changing the interface theme and font, switching between multiple profiles, rich text formatting in posts, setting a title for threads, and granular blocking options are a few features that may be new to beta testers. We're looking forward to seeing what you think of them!

Get involved! #

If you would like to test the user experience of Bonfire, please enter your email address below. We'll ensure you get an invite to the test instance as soon as it's ready.

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