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We're thrilled to announce the release of Bonfire version 0.9.6! This latest update brings a host of improvements and new features aimed at enhancing usability and providing more control over the content you engage with. Here's what's new:

Expanded Messaging and Thread Views #

We've successfully completed the messaging milestone, now users can seamlessly see all their direct messages or send a message to one or more people.

Threads (for both messages and regular posts) can now be viewed in both nested and flat layout, providing a more comprehensive or streamlined way to navigate conversations.

Sorting options on threads now include chronological views, sorting by replies, boosts, likes, and more, allowing users to tailor their view according to preference.

Enhanced Feeds #

Sorting options have been expanded on feeds, offering chronological, reply, boost, and like-based sorting.

Users can also filter feeds based on time frames such as Today, Week, Month, Year, and All Time, giving more refined control over content discovery, at the same time offering alternatives to the addictive infinite scrolling pattern.

Rich Text Editor and Composer Improvements #

The addition of a rich text editor in our composer enables markdown use with a WYSIWYG interface.

The composer can also now be stretched and expanded, enhancing focus and ease of use, especially when writing longer posts.

Refined Boundaries #

We've started integrating the valuable insights gained from our user testing interviews into the boundary system, enhancing the overall user experience.

This update simplifies the process of defining custom permissions and includes a convenient option to preview the resulting boundaries, allowing for more intuitive and flexible control.

And more! #

Plus, we've tweaked and fixed many more things to make the Bonfire experience smoother and more intuitive.
We encourage everyone to explore these new features and continue to provide feedback as we work towards our next milestone. Your insights drive our progress, and we look forward to growing together with the Bonfire community.

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