Bonfire Expeditions - Collaborating to Release Version 1.0

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Releasing the stable 1.0 version of the Bonfire federated social network requires collaboration with the communities, hackers, tinkerers, and sysadmins who plan to use it.

That's why we're thrilled to announce Bonfire Expeditions - a series of co-design initiatives aimed at refining and polishing various aspects of the project. These expeditions will ensure that all the moving parts of Bonfire work together seamlessly, making the project safe and enjoyable for both communities and developers.

Each Bonfire Expedition will focus on one of the following areas:

Surveying Expedition: Enhancing Developer Onboarding #

Challenge: Bonfire's modularity and architecture can be intimidating, and the current documentation is insufficient to properly guide developers.

Objective: Streamline the developer experience for setting up the Bonfire dev environment, manage and create new extensions.

How to Participate:

After each session, the Bonfire team will:


If you're an Elixir developer who's passionate about the potential of federated social networks and wants to contribute to shaping the future of Bonfire, join us on this expedition! Send a mail to to participate in the Surveying Expedition, and we'll reach out with all the necessary details.

Together, we can make Bonfire's 1.0 release a truly landmark moment. Let's embark on this journey and build something extraordinary, one expedition at a time!

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