Discover how Bonfire can be tailored for your community needs and goals.

We've spent the last couple years building a rock-solid foundation to build upon, and now ready to partner with like-minded communities to co-create useful extensions and invite more people to grow the federated ecosystem.
You can suggest new ideas and upvote existing ones on our collaborative Changemap, or implementation details on our issue tracker.
  • Add / remove extensions
    At its core, Bonfire is a set of configurations that define what extensions to use and how they play together.
  • Customisable
    Pick or create a theme that reflects your community identity, edit and localise terminology to increase inclusivity, decide which kind of information and behaviours
  • Optional federation
    Connect with other people and communities in a decentralized environment, including other fediverse platforms that support the ActivityPub protocol (like Mastodon, PeerTube, etc...)
  • Bonfire Social
    A customizable federated social network, to follow people, make posts, have discussion, etc...
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  • Zappa
    Alpha in development
    Using the power of community to counteract misinformation.
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  • Bonfire framework
    Alpha in development
    Attempt to stabilise as much of the framework and APIs as possible so developers can build upon them.
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  • Bonfire Kanban
    Alpha development on-hold
    Federated and collaborative kanban and task list for p2p project coordination.
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  • Bonfire Bulletin
    Alpha development on-hold
    Mutual aid tools for local communities, such as sharing needs and offers.
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  • Bonfire device
    We plan to launch a device to put your apps and data in your hands, literally
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